Japan IQ Test

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a message with a file attached to it. To my surprise, it was an IQ test that was developed and used in Japan for job and university IQ tests. It was said that the IQ test mentioned is solved in around 15 mins in Japan. The test is mainly used in Japans’ IT sector.

The rule of the game is simple; you just have to transport the 8 people to the other side of the river.

The RULES are as follows:

1. Only two people can travel at once.
2. Daddy can not stay with the girls without the presence of the mother.
3. Mum can’t stay with the boys without the presence of the father.
4. The arrested red-hair girl in stipy outfit cannot stay with any of the family members.
5. Only the Police officer and the parent can drive the boat across the river.

It’s quite hard on the first 2 tries, however, when you study each of your moves carefully you’ll soon find it easy, and makes you solve the test again and again with a variety of moves.

I actually don’t know how many and who are the individuals behind this interesting IQ test. All the letters are in Japanese, not sure though, but when I click on one of its icon names were flashing on the screen.

I think the credits should be given to them.

and the whole smallcampus.net staff.

Download IQ Test here.

If you really find it difficult to solve, email me and I'll give you some "hints".